Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you may have

Do you offer social sharing capabilities?

We sure do! We offer the ability to create GIFs and we can also send photos thru text messages direct from the booth. See these option in the Honorable Mention pricing section.

Do you supply all the props and backdrops?

Leave it to us to bring the fun! We will supply many different props that guests can use to create a memorable picture. We also have different backgrounds to choose from and you are always welcome to supply your own if you have a vision in mind. We can also use any decorative backdrops or background locations at your venue if you would like. P.S we have a Panda head prop!

Where do you travel?

We are open to travel anywhere within reason;) Currently we serve the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and Orange County area. We know how Southern California traffic can be so just ask and we will try to accommodate your needs and get to your destination!

Can you customize templates?

When you are our client we will work together as a team to design your template borders, what each picture will have printed on it, and how you would like your pictures printed out. We specialize in the new popular style of the 4x6 prints. We can help tailor the prints to your event.

How many prints do each guest receive?

Print quantities can also be discussed in client team meetings. You have the ability to print out 1-10 prints per photo. There is an option to do unlimited photos which is listed in the Honorable Mention section under the Pricing tab.

After the event will clients and guest be able to access the photos?

Absolutely! We want you to share these memories and relive all the moments from your event. We will upload an album after each event that can be easily accessed by clicking on the picture link on our website. Or you can go to our Facebook Page where an album will be posted as well. Champion Photobooths also will offer the ability to have all the pictures stored on a USB that can be given to the client shortly after the event or mailed directly to them. Post, tag and share away!

What type of events do you cater to?

Anything and everything! We are open to any and all. We serve all communities and do not discriminate. We do birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, marketing productions, fundraisers, and any other event you could possibly think of we will serve you. We just can't wait to see what event you are doing and love all the creativity along the way!

How much does the booth cost to rent?

We know it comes down to cost and we want to extend a simple pricing option to you which you can find under the Pricing tab. However, it is definitely best if you contact us as we are always offering specials and can work out a deal with Honorable Mention add ons to create a winning deal for you! We also know we have high quality service and picture resolution so remember it never hurts to ask. We want to win your business!

How much space,time do you need to set up/break down, and/or additional set up needs?

We ask for a bout a 10x10x10 space, but we do have the ability to make it work! We also ask that a table be provided by the venue as most venue typically supply this. We also require a standard 120V outlet and it would be amazing if the venue had a wifi connection, but if not we can  still work the booth. We like to drive to the venue at least 1 hour prior so that we can set up, get used to the venue, and make sure we have everything in prime shape for your guests and overall event. Break down should not take long at all and we will make sure to say goodbye!

Will there be an attendant at the photobooth for the entire event?

At your event there will be 1 or even 2 teammates to assist guests with the booth. We want to make sure the guests have an enjoyable time interacting not only with the booth, but with our amazing team. We look forward to helping guests create fun memories!

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